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Schaumainkai 17
60594 Frankfurt am Main

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Schaumainkai 17
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Contact: Claudia Hohmann
Tel.: +49 69 212-38828
Fax: +49 69 212-30703
Opening hours:

Only by appointment via e-mail or telephone.
For further information please visit our website.

Holdings and
specialist collections:
The library, which reflects the museum’s collections, comprises some 75,000 publications on the applied and decorative arts in Europe, the design, arts and crafts of the Near and Middle East and East Asia as well as on book design and calligraphy. The library also collects publications on museum education, museology and restoration.

Additional resources for research and tracing provenance are provided by our collection of exhibition and sales catalogues, institution brochures and university publications as well as our large specialist collection of auction catalogues, including historic publications on the auctions of major collections. The library also subscribes to 70 periodicals and annuals.

The library, which, like the museum building itself, was designed by Richard Meier, has 18 reading places permitting concentrated work in a bright and friendly atmosphere.
How to get there: U1, U2, U3, U8: Schweizer Platz
Tram 15, 16: Schweizer-/Gartenstraße
Entrance to fee-paying car park: Metzlerstraße
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