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Hedderichstraße 108-110
60596 Frankfurt am Main

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Hedderichstraße 108-110
60596 Frankfurt am Main

Contact: Christiane Eulig
Tel.: +49 69 212-30827
Fax: +49 69 212-44078
Opening hours:

Only by appointment via e-mail or telephone.
For further information please visit our website.

Holdings and
specialist collections:
The museum library holds more than 30,000 volumes on the history of architecture from 1800 to the present day. The main body of the collection comprises reference works, encyclopedias, manuals, bibliographies, biographical works and topographic architectural guides.

Architectural theory forms an important focal point, from Walter Ryff’s 1547 edition of Vitruvius to the writings of Alberti, Serlio, Scamozzi and Piranesi, from the representatives of classical modernism to the architectural theorists of today.

Another key area is the comprehensive and ongoing collection of monographic studies of German architects since 1900, complemented by further monographic studies of non-German architects whose work is of particular significance either internationally or within their own countries. Historic periodicals and more than 70 subscribed periodicals and annuals are also available. Special collections include the libraries from the estates of such architects as Ernst May, Mart Stam and Max Cetto.
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